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Master Intuitive Psychic and Consultant

Jennifer Pepper BS, CAT, CHB

In 1983 a five-car collision led to death and rebirth.  Having a near-death experience left Jennifer with an insatiable desire to understand Divine Purpose, the Source of All, God. A few more gifts were revealed as well.


Jennifer experienced expanded extra-sensory awarenesses, after the accident. These experiences led to deep mystical teachings and pathways. Quickly becoming a lifelong passion, she was fully committed to learn and understand the mystical realms and gnostic teachings of old. Mysticism, including Christian, Jewish, Buddhist wisdom teachings. Also including indigenous Shamanism, Healers, Native American sacred medicine, Celtic history lore and magic, Q'ero shamanic healing, Taoism, Wiccan and more. Over 30 years of study and practice with metaphysical energy work has brought Jennifer a profound perception that she shares with clients in need of release from mundane egoic living.


Mystical arts reveal doorways and pathways which lead to greater personal alignment with all. Encourage and create stronger love relationships as well as improved and sustainable overall health. Often deeply buried subconscious gifts of a metaphysical nature are revealed to clients in sessions. Jennifer truly believes every sentient being has the capacity to develop their own Awarenesses by better understanding and trusting the languages of Intuition.

Jennifer often shares; "Every human being is a collection of synergistic systems. These energy highways, influence our perceptions of reality. Being-ness occupies a physical body to explore and experience life. We are here simply, to learn and love. We are not here to suffer. My work is to assist, support and guide people back into their own central currents and that happens both corporeally and transpersonally (spiritually) on quantum levels. We are all, so much more than we know."

Soul is the primary central current of Beingness. Soul is the Awareness of all~none of the physical brain or body, is truly you. Living beings are a highly designed, sophisticated and powerful Energetic Body of intelligence, occupying a physical body and planet, to learn and  love.

Master Intuitive Psychic | Certified Life Coach | Certified Aromatherapist 

 BS Communication Media Arts AA Art History | Certified TEFL Teacher

Certified Energy Healing | Lives in Bozeman, Montana 


Working Intuitively

Your soul has much to share, reveal, illuminate and soul sessions are conversations with an Intuitive Interpreter, who guides you into the Spiral of higher awareness. These intuitive sessions are transpersonal (psychic) communions with your own soul. You will know, in a session, that a celestial connection is occurring. You are in charge, as an Intuitive it is my job to safely guide, like a sherpa on a mountain. We all have deeper clarity and understandings available to us. Meditation, mindfulness practices prove so. While Working intuitively is working truthfully each reading is unique, as is every butterfly, snowflake or cabbage. The spiral of life is profoundly wise, humorous and caring. Having energetic conversations sourced from the Heart, not necessarily from Mind.


Working intuitively illuminates depths, often bringing enriched points of view on relationships, emotional patterns and physical health.  Frequently healing conflicts and imbalances. Often bringing a sense of buoyancy and humor to situations unfinished or unclaimed. Intuition is a sort of primary current, offering up a plethora of information from the Heart rather than the Mind. 

Every soul has much to share. Experience and explore life themes from a mystical perspective to renew and restore mind, body and soul. Soul is pure love with a sense of humor. You may be surprised at how much more of you there is to know.

Disclaimer: Intuitive Sessions are Informational only, not a diagnosis for illness or disease.  No claim is made to cure any particular

    condition. Healing should be seen as a complement to medical treatment, not a substitute for it. All medically-prescribed treatment           should be continued until you review your needs in consultation with your physician. 

Everyone has Intuitive abilities



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"Jenna brought me back to myself, her session elevated me, feel so grateful for the experience"

Valerie, 44

"I have worked with Jennifer Pepper for several years and her readings and guidance have been invaluable to me. She creates such a safe and loving space and share insights and information that have helped me in the practical, spiritual and emotional realms of my life. She keeps a wonderful sense of humor to remind me not to get too heavy, and to remember life is to be celebrated and enjoyed. And most importantly of all, she always, always reminds me to live from a place of soul and love. So that when life can seem hard or overwhelming, I always have clarity after speaking with Jennifer because she instantly clears away so many distractions, and reminds me to live my life from a place of love. When I do that, most of my confusion and problems disappear. I can't recommend Jennifer highly enough."

Heather Pentland, L.Ac, M.A.

"Jenna is like having a Human ICloud! She is always fun to work with and has helped me release a great deal of emotional baggage."

Sarah Crosby, 39

"My daughter gifted a Session with Jennifer, it was my first reading. I was amazed at how gentle and precise she was. It was a remarkable experience and I recommend her highly for anyone new to Intuitive people and readings. I felt light and truly blessed after the reading."

Mary Jo Hanley, 73