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Access to soul awareness for personal growth, abundance and peace of mind.



Jennifer "Jenna" Pepper

In 1983 I was in a five-car collision that led to death and rebirth.  Having a near-death experience left me with a deep thirst for understanding the Divine Intelligence of Life and extra-sensory awareness and abilities. My life has been centered around the study of existential life purpose, as a path to enlightenment, health and peace of mind.


Every human being is a Body of Energies, a collection of energetic systems constantly flowing.  No one system of energy is you. Your Beingness works within a physical body to explore and experience life on planet Earth. The energetic nature of our bodies and souls is much like a musical symphony of color and sounds. My work is to share and interpret with you that which can be experienced and interpreted - your Soul as it operates as a central current inside your Beingness. 


You may be surprised at how much more of you there is to know.


This work untangles and interprets the unique language and messages, from Higher Self, the Soul. Your soul is the Observer, the awareness of the Thougths. The egoic mind is the thoughts. Soul is the heart of Self. We all emanate from a Divine Intelligence that creates and conceives souls. 


Your soul has much to say and share. A cosmic conversation, as unique as a fingerprint. Your soul wants to love and support the you, you think you are!

Master Intuitive Psychic | Certified Life Coach | Certified Reiki Master | Certified Aromatherapist 

Certified in Holotropic Breathwork | BA, Communications AA, Creative Writing

Specialties: coaching | consulting | teaching | oral communications | spiritual development 


Spiritual Guidance Services

Soul sessions take you into the "heart of the matters." Looking for deeper clarity and understanding of your life purpose? Your soul knows what you need, what lies within. Working intuitively illuminates deepths, often bringing enriched points of view on relationships, wellness, emotional patterns and career goals, frequently healing conflicts and imbalances. Often bringing in a sense of buoyancy and humor to situations unfinished or unclaimed. Intuition is a sort of primary current, offering up a plethora of information from the Heart rather than the Mind. 


Intuitive Soul Sessions (as I call them) are conversations wtih the grace of your Spirit. Step out of the egoic mind and into the heart. Our intuitive selves have a great deal of wisdom to share!


Explore life themes from a mystical perspective to renew and restore mind, body and soul.

Disclaimer: Intuitive Sessions are Informational only, not a diagnosis for illness or disease.  No claim is made to “cure” any particular condition. Healing should be seen as a complement to medical treatment, not a substitute for it.  All medically-prescribed treatment should be continued until you review your needs in consultation with your physician.  No professional healer will ever suggest otherwise.

Soul Sessions come in a range of times to best serve your needs. Please visit the store to review your choices. After purchasing your session, fill out the Appointment Request Form below.

We are all energetically designed to be Heart Centered beings. These sessions drop you into the Heart Chakra, your true Home. With guided breath, we enter the Chamber and receive illumination and information from your higher self, your soul.




Please visit the Store to purchase your session in advance and then submit this form to request a session date and time.
Submission of this request is not a confirmation of an appointment.
Due to my schedule, it may take longer than 24 hours for a response. 
Articles about Holistic Healing


"Jenna brought me back to myself, her session elevated me, feel so grateful for the experience"


Valerie, 44

"I have worked with Jennifer Pepper for several years and her readings and guidance have been invaluable to me. She creates such a safe and loving space and share insights and information that have helped me in the practical, spiritual and emotional realms of my life. She keeps a wonderful sense of humor to remind me not to get too heavy, and to remember life is to be celebrated and enjoyed. And most importantly of all, she always, always reminds me to live from a place of soul and love. So that when life can seem hard or overwhelming, I always have clarity after speaking with Jennifer because she instantly clears away so many distractions, and reminds me to live my life from a place of love. When I do that, most of my confusion and problems disappear. I can't recommend Jennifer highly enough."


Heather Pentland, L.Ac, M.A.