Caring for an Elder

Our elders hold the wisdom of a long life. Some cultures revere Grandmothers and Grandfathers for their wisdom and knowledge. We may not "relate" generationally, but we do all still share the same table of life on Earth. Life is a banquet and it seems these days, an all-you-can-eat buffet for 1% while the 99% pay the bill, cook the food, wash dishes and clean up after the few in charge. Our elders are locked away in Centers, peering out windows at the spinning madness and mayhem of our World now. This past year and a half has shown, the very genuine importance of caring, simply caring for others.

Honoring is holding space, paying attention and being of service. Not for payment or reward, simply because it is honoring and right to Honor. Today, It seems especially so for our elder populations decades of living, working and loving to find themselves locked in small rooms and care centers. Often separated from loved ones. They walked before us, built the roads and pathways we conveniently travel to shop in Box Stores, entertaining ourselves with Satellite radio, cell phones that stream billions of data bites into our palms. As the World races headlong into a rivers of streaming data feeds,

we build Retirement and Memory Care centers to house millions of elderly souls.

Elder care can be a deeply enriching experience. With this in mind, I have begun offering Coaching Calls as a Transformational Holistic Life Coach providing support to families bringing an Elder home. These are challenging times and our elders may have more to share than we realize. If you or someone you know is making decisions around a parent, grandparent in need of care, please consider some Care Coaching calls.

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