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Measuring Time

Through Millenniums man has conquered men, by controlling the concept of Time. The Romans enforced the Roman Calendar as they roamed the World building roads that led back to Rome. The Julien Calandar reined for 1500 years. In 1584 the Vatican, under Papal Law, decreed the Gregorian Calendar as Law. Lose your home, family and life or use Our Calendar. Essentially, time is relative until you need to get folks to Mass/Temple/Service on the same days. According to the Hebrew Calendar we are in the year 5778.

Time is measured by our constant companion, the Moon. Orbiting our tiny planet while illuminating the nights with reflected light and bringing us low and high tides. Calendars are how we identify important moments and memories. Calendars give us the signposts of our lives most significant moments and memories. Calendars dignify our birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and openings, closings even deaths. Time is on your side!

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