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Spread Your Wings

letting go, transcend, spiritual awakening

When we finally move through a soul lesson, there comes a day when we notice that whatever we’ve been working on isn’t with us any more. The anger we had toward a certain person has dissolved. The fear we had about a situation has left us. The worry we had about something in the future isn’t there. The shame we had about something has disbanded.

We were one way, wrapped up in our repetitive thoughts and emotional drama and hurt and blame… and then, suddenly it’s all gone away. We’re just not there any more: we’re no longer in relationship to that person or situation or thought.

Sometimes we release it.

Sometimes we are cleared.

Sometimes we have been working on it so long that we grow past it.

As you move through life, you’ll experience these sticky things: anger, fear, worry, shame, and guilt around people and events and situations in your life. Until one day, you’ll be moseying around doing something ordinary, and you’ll think of this sticky thing, and you’ll find that it’s not there any more. It is gone.

You have worked through it.

You have moved past it.

You have let go.

There is no longer any emotional trigger! It's not there any more! And sing "hallelujah," for yet another soul lesson has been transcended! We can go very far with our self awareness when we try.

There are soul stories with a long breath (decades and generations to complete) and we experience short soul stories. Some stories we inherit and others we create. Yet, when we allow, accept and do our part, it will heal. You shall be free of the restrictions created by the experience.

This is wisdom working.

This is your soul singing.

This is Now.

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