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What Has Your Attention?


What has your Attention? What are you focusing on?

Attention is not necessarily, thought. Attention is a current which moves through, around and under thoughts much like a central current flows down a river. You may be thinking about a task at work, but your attention is elsewhere. Attention is what permeates thoughts, colors them. 

Social Media, Advertisements, Brands and Political movements want your attention.  Sending blasts of messages designed to grab your attention. Then thoughts come crashing in, beliefs about the Post~Share~Tweet and away we flow, into a current on a river of energy. Your attention catching a current flowing stronger than the rest, or so you believe.

As children we are taught to “pay attention” to parents and teachers to learn how to behave. Attention is what we give a teacher in the classroom, our parents when we need help, friends when we want to feel safe and understood. Attention is magnetic, it is your Human BEingness  vibrating with frequencies of energy whirling and swirling with magnetic power. Giving your attention to someone or thing is sharing energies, there is a symbiotic relationship between an audience and performer. When attention is collective, the audience itself generates enhanced energies which in turn, uplifts and excites each participant. 

Attention is the soul, the silent navigator of awareness that you are, truly. Pay attention to yourself, notice what grabs your attention. Inhale deeply through the nose and exhale from mouth. Repeat. Notice breath and body, you are neither the body nor the breath, you are the awareness of both. Mindfulness is developing a stronger connection to your Attention and navigating daily life from the central current of you, your Soul. What has your attention is what feeds heart and colors soul.

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